rproj.site is a showcase of all my work - it contains all of the tools and projects I have used along with information and linkage for each one. Chances are, you're viewing it now.

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The current site

Originally developed on the LAMP Stack (linux, apache, mysql and PHP) but most recently moved to NodeJS on top of nginx. What you see now is my most recent version of my website of 5 years.


This site has been developed and redesigned three times within it's life. Now (end of 2018) this website has been designed for a more clear purpose: to display my projects and the tools used to create those projects. I have done my fair share of design and while I know basic principles of what makes a site look good, design is not my forte and not something I want to dedicate my time towards. By having a minimalistic design there is less time used for maintnence and more time for my projects and developing.

Tools Used:

Javascript, PUG, Node JS, Vagrant, Nginx, Git, SCSS